Sleaford-based electrical contracting firm Butlers is recruiting after winning new contracts.

The firm has been appointed to work on a number of construction projects over the past few months including a housing development in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. Approved electrician Lee Jessop has joined the team after moving back to the UK from Denmark and the company is currently recruiting another electrician to cope with the increasing demand for its services.

Lee, 49, moved back to his hometown of Sleaford just before Christmas after spending the last 22 years working in Denmark initially as an agricultural engineer.

injuring his back, Lee decided to retrain as an electrician and completed a five-and-a-half-year apprenticeship. He subsequently went to work as a project engineer for a Danish firm which designed and built anaerobic digestion plants. He then moved to national Danish company Holtec Automatic where he was responsible for designing and installing electrical cabinets for industry.

ButlersLee said his previous experience has already come in very useful at Butlers:

“The jobs I’ve undertaken so far at Butlers, particularly on the commercial and industrial side, have been very similar to the work I was doing in Denmark, so my existing skills and knowledge have proved invaluable. I know Butlers are keen to do more work in the anaerobic digestion sector as there are several large plants in the area and this is one of my areas of expertise, so hopefully I’ll be able to help them expand this side of the business.”

Matt Cook, who took over Butlers from his father in 2001 along with his wife Kate, said:

"Lee has already proved to be an asset and they are looking forward to taking on another electrician shortly. “Since Kate and I took over the company we have been keen to grow and take on bigger projects particularly in the industrial, agricultural and renewables sectors. We started off with just three employees and two vans, but we now have 17 employees and 14 vans." 

“To continue expanding, however, we need to recruit more staff who have the skills and knowledge we need. We’re delighted Lee has joined the team as we have worked on projects together in the past when he was employed by a Danish company, so we knew he was the right person for the job.

“We’re recruiting for another electrician at the moment and hope we can find someone just as well qualified as Lee.”

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