Leading UK distributor, AWE, provides electricians with a range of training courses via its Smart Home Academy™. A great starting point in the pathway programme that is on offer is the one-day Foundation Workshop.

This session focusses on the fundamentals of custom installation. Uniquely, as well as important background and theory, there is a heavy bias towards the essential skills and knowledge required for a variety of tasks that smart home electricians will be faced with on a regular basis in a hands-on workshop.  Starting with basic health and safety advice and do’s and don’ts of custom install, the course then progresses into the practical sessions. A variety of tasks await course delegates, from neatly and safely placing an in-ceiling speaker between joists and mounting a TV bracket, to reliably terminating and testing CAT 5/6 network cables.

Key points covered in the AWE day include: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​AWE

  • Health & Safety Basics
  • Audio Setup, Speaker Positioning and Room Acoustics
  • Speaker and Display Installation Techniques
  • CAT Cable Termination
  • Introduction to Lighting Technologies
  • Introduction to Home Automation Controls

This session will teach attendees all they need to know to form a basic understanding of the technology and how to implement it into a project in the custom install industry.  This knowledge will then be applied via practical elements in order to pass the session.  This is completed using an installation essentials tool kit that is provided at the start of the day. Attendees get to take this kit away with them at the end of the day, which provides them with familiarity when they get on site.

Next available session:

  • 3rd July 2018 – AWE Europe, Epsom
To book an AWE course, visit www.smarthomeacademy.co.uk, or call 01372 729 777.

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