Electrical Trade Magazine is delighted to announce a brand new competition for electricians supporting fire safety at home and work. 

Our winter giveaway offers five lucky electricians the chance to snap up one of our prize bundles: an award-winning Hot Connection Indicator with two bags of clips. The prize as been sent by Termination Technology Ltd who are a long established, market leading supplier of cable accessories to the electrical wholesaler sector.

Termination Technology believe that quality and service are key to electricians. We are continually adding new and innovative lines to our extensive product range.

The Hot Connection Indicator

The Hot Connection Indicator is a brand new electrical fire safety accessory designed to highlight heated electrical connections to the naked eye.  It simply pushes-on to a cable, no disconnection required and will change colour from purple to pink if the connection becomes heated.

Hot connection indicators highlight heated connections at their early stage of development,  long before they reach temperatures capable of causing fire or breakdown. They will monitor connections 24/7 and give historic heat indication by permanent colour change.

Their permanent colour change is ideal for highlighting heated connections during routine periodic inspections of electrical installations.  They can also be used as an alternative, or to complement, thermal camera inspections of electrical installations.

The Hot Connection Indicator, the brand new award winning electrical accessory product helping protect lives, homes and businesses against electrical connection fires.

LINIAN Fire Clip

fire clips for electricians fire safetyThe LINIAN Fire Clip is a time-saving alternative for installing fire-resistant cables on brickwork, concrete, masonry, wood studs and wood beams compared to conventional methods. Perfected through years of development, this exceptional innovation looks simple – and it is. Expertly designed to save time, money and lives, this extraordinary evolution of a vital building component can ensure that every job is neater, tidier and more effective than ever.

The LINIAN Fire Clip is:

Multi-purpose: suitable for installing a wide range of electrical and fire alarm cables

Three times faster to install than traditional methods

Expertly designed to save time, money and lives

Compliant with the recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings BS 7671 Amendment 3

The LINIAN Fire Clip also meets the following standards:

Compliant with BS 5839

Independently fire rated tested to 120 minutes (British Standard) and 90 minutes (EU)

Burn tested with a melting point of >1000 degrees Celsius

Pull out or tensile load equal to 244 newtons = one bag of cement

For more information check out our website www.termtech.co.uk

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