AKW Logistics was established in Manchester in 1981. It provides its blue chip and local customers with a range of distribution, warehousing and contract packing services. Its warehouse capability includes bulk, racked and contracted facilities tailored to suit the needs of specific clients. Its 500,000 sq ft of Quality BRC and Excise Approved high bay storage facility has recently had its existing lighting, which consisted of a total of 289 individual 400W metal halide, quad 80W and twin 70W neon batten units, replaced by 194 Waveguide Lighting’s Brightstar intelligent LED luminaires, which have an innovative design that provides outstanding light quality, optical distribution and energy efficiency.

The warehouse operates 24/7, and frequently holds high value goods. The modernisation of the lighting has resulted in major operational, security and financial benefits, with the improvement in the overall brightness and uniformity of the lighting throughout the facility improves the quality of the CCTV security recordings and achieving a safer working environment for the fork lift truck drivers with better general visibility and less shadowing. The luminaires are intelligently managed, with motion sensors that reduce the output by 80% in unoccupied areas and with ambient sensors that dynamically adjust the output in response to the ambient natural lighting levels. 

Image removed.The energy saving is 74%, the tangible ROI is 1171% and the payback period is 15 months. The intangible benefits of a safer and better working environment, greater efficiency and improved productivity further support the business case.

Jason Bradley, Operations Manager, AKW Logistics, commented, “We are delighted with the Waveguide products and the service we have received. The quality of the lighting is exceptional and has benefited the whole operation. We are especially pleased with the CCTV images we are now getting. We have no hesitation recommending Waveguide Lighting to all who wish to achieve such results.”


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