Many of us want to lead healthy lifestyles, but often find our hectic lives can make it difficult to do so. By combining the speed of a microwave with the benefits of cooking with steam, homeowners can now combine both technologies in one appliance. Therefore, as a leader and pioneer in combi-steam technologies; we’ve been determined to create solutions that answer this need.  Our new Combi-Steam MSLQ oven does just this as it helps people to cook healthy meals, yet quickly and easily.  It is time saving as the microwave function knock off a third of cooking times, plus it has 65 pre-set inspiring recipes.  Whilst being time saving, it’s also proven to preserve essential nutrients by tests carried out by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, so there’s no compromise.

Now that smart technology has become an integral part of kitchen design, being able to upgrade your appliance via a software update is a clever development for steam ovens. Owners of some new V-ZUG appliances can now request a “new software upgrade function” that can be installed by visiting V-ZUG engineers in the comfort of their own home.  This is made possible by the fact that engineers can now attach a special V-ZUG ‘eye’ to the front of the appliance and download a software upgrade direct to the appliance. This means that there will be little reason (technology wise) for owners to invest in a new upgraded model unless it’s for purely a esthetic reasons. Image removed.

The software upgrade takes just five minutes and is completely free of charge. It installs new functions and settings like ‘wellness’, ‘hygiene’ and a special ‘keep warm’ facility and it can also be re-programmed to heat towel, wraps, massage stones and pillows that you may use at night time. Other unusual uses of steam include: heating baby bottles and jam jars to preserve jam.

V-ZUG’s vacuum drawer is another recent addition to its steam portfolio, helping to preserve flavour, moisture, texture and nutrients. By stopping the food from being affected by ambient air or humidity, this can help to reduce waste as food can last longer and it can be portioned and readied for cooking at a later time in individual sealed bags. In addition, by tightly sealing food in film in the vacuum drawer it makes it possible to cook in the sous vide/ Vacuisine© technique in a steam or combi-steam oven.  Many aspiring home cooks are now using this technique as it’s very reliable, easy and produces high–quality results.

Although cooking with steam is still a relatively new concept in the UK, the growth in popularity and ultimately interest continues to develop in the market. This is down to many factors such as the exposure of steam cooking on programmes such as Master Chef and even the demonstrations provided by manufacturers. Demonstrations can be very visual and can involve the customer and you can also do shorter or longer activities depending upon the customer and style of event.

The many benefits of cooking with steam will reassure the homeowner of the investment they are making. Of course, the quality of the product speaks volumes in terms of user benefits and thus the cost of the appliance. As steam specialists we manufacture high-end appliances to last, as ultimately they will live past the more affordable options on the market. 


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Written by Rhys Evans, Sales Director UK & Ireland, V-ZUG UK



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