High quality electric heating solutions that are easy to install, reliable and available in a range of stylish designs. Great for flats, conversions and extensions where plumbed in radiators would be problematic. 

Reliable heating is vital to our domestic contentment. Which is why the emphasis is firmly on performance across the whole Ultraheat range. 

Space is a big factor in favour of the electric towel rails, and Ultraheat offers a huge selection in varying heights and widths to fit any area. Cloakrooms and en-suites to new kitchen extensions, all benefit from an electric accessory for practical reasons as well as aesthetics.

An electric towel rail uses electricity to heat up the radiator. Being electric, they are not constricted by the availability of pipework, providing greater versatility when it comes to installation. Becoming ever more popular as part of bathroom décor, alongside the trendy traditional styles, Ultraheat also offers sleeker electric towel rails to add character to the space.  When central heating is turned off in the summer months and there is still a need for warm, dry towels, the electric element offers a functional dynamic design. 
Part of the Ultraheat range includes Karnak, a square tubular ladder rail with room to warm plenty of fluffy towels. Carefully designed with an elegant frame, Karnak is the perfect bathroom accessory. When a space is tight you don’t have to sacrifice style or design – Petit comes to the rescue with this space saving and innovative towel warmer perfect for en-suites, cloakrooms and compact bathrooms. Why Choose An Ultraheat Electric Towel Rail?

To create a sleek surface, many of our towel rails can be used in the kitchen as they’re perfect for keeping the space organised and stylish. Exquisitely finished Windsor has the flexibility to provide supplementary heat in a practical area.  

All Ultraheat towel warmers are available for next day delivery as standard hot water system items, selected electric and dual fuel options are customised at our headquarters in Milton Keynes and available on request, please specify when you place your order.

Ultraheat is the heating division of Pitacs Limited. Pitacs is now one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of heating products and electrical cables in the UK as well as supplying over 38 countries across the world. 

There’s no place like home – especially when it makes us feel warm and cosy. Discover our eclectic collection of radiators and towel rails – let Ultraheat be an inspiration to create that warm finishing touch. 

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