For busy installers, time is money so recommending the best shower for each customer is key to saving both. Whether it’s a bathroom refurb or replacement installation you’re dealing with, Triton Showers has put together three top tips for guaranteeing an easy job – first time, every time.

Need for speed

There’s nothing more frustrating than being on site, only to discover the chosen shower may take a bit more time to install than you had initially planned. Double-check that the selected model comes with everything you’ll need to avoid digging around in your van for spares, be it a nut and olive, adaptable riser rail or flexible wall brackets.


tritonThe second step to a straightforward installation is ensuring the shower is compatible with the onsite conditions. Many electric showers are designed to be installed across a wide range of site requirements, making them suitable for the majority of jobs, including retrofits. Look for multiple entry points and features such as a dual water inlet or a dual Swingfit™ terminal block, which will make the job quicker and easier. Check also for compatibility with all types of fixtures, whether copper or plastic piping, push fit or traditional fittings, in order to give yourself the best fit solution for the job.

Triton Final fix

Once the shower has been installed, you’ll want to get back on the road as soon as possible, so a simple commissioning process is essential. The latest electric shower models on the market can be commissioned in as little as 30 seconds thanks to a number of built-in design features. For example, a wire-free cover connection and centralised dials which only fit one way onto the spindles will ensure that no time is wasted on the job. 
For more help with your next installation, take a look at our full range of showers solutions


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