Digitisation drives train stations for the better

Shields Energy is on track to digitise the railway sector with its IoT solution, CODA, providing accurate data benefits and significant cost savings to over 200 UK railway stations.

CODA streamlines processes, improves efficiency and supports predictive maintenance while also boosting energy efficiency and cost savings.

Tangible benefits approaching half a million pounds have already been recouped by Shields’ CODA IoT solution for one train operator alone.

Dan Shields, CEO of Shields Energy, said: “Digitisation of the rail sector is using data to drive informed business decision making with accurate IoT technology.

“CODA’s ability to connect with a multitude of devices from within our clients’ estate provides full visibility and digitisation of railway station operations. These data driven insights and analytics, improve all aspects of a train stations operations. CODA then delivers substantial, and speedy, tangible business benefits from energy to financial savings, maintenance and operational performance to precise billing of multiple tenants within the station.

“The ability to maximise the operational efficiency, deliver energy, carbon and operational savings, improve process performance and environmental conditions, increase asset life and reduce maintenance costs is all achieved through the continuous monitoring, controls and reactive / proactive maintenance works that we deliver.” 

Digitisation drives train stations for the better


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