Modern ceilings are often penetrated with holes for downlights, air valves and ceiling fans, all of which create ready pathways for the passage of fire and smoke. Whilst downlights have had fire rated alternatives for many years, the recessed ceiling fan actually creates a far greater threat to the passage of fire, the open area of a ceiling fan is considerably greater than a standard downlight and the materials of construction are often highly flammable. 

The purpose of a ceiling fan is to move air around a property, ducting the air both horizontally and vertically and often using combustible PVC ducting. The perfect conditions for the movement of fire is a ready source of air and fuel - exactly what a ventilation system provides. 

The most efficient method of preventing the spread of fire via a ducting system is to prevent the fire from entering Tenmat Recessed Ceiling Fanthe system at its source, this being the recessed ceiling fan in many cases.

Modern ceiling constructions often utilise metal web joists or I-beam joists, whilst these systems are much easier to work with than the traditional solid timber joists, they do tend to be much more susceptible to rapid collapse if the fire is allowed to enter the ceiling cavity, this makes it even more important to ensure that fire does not enter via a recessed ceiling fan.Tenmat Recessed Ceiling Fan

Traditionally fire testing has taken place on solid timber joist floor systems, however this is no longer representative of modern constructions. With this in mind, TENMAT have developed the Ceiling Fan Fire Stop, a simple yet highly effective solution to prevent fire entering a ceiling cavity.

For added peace of mind, the system has been fire tested on the most onerous floor construction designs and results show that the TENMAT solution not only meets the required fire stopping parameters but significantly exceeds them. Testing has taken place with full scale floor constructions which are fully loaded for optimum safety.

If a fire rated ceiling has an unprotected recessed ceiling fan, then it is no longer a barrier to fire. If the ceiling has a recessed ceiling fan but the fire test construction tested does not reflect the actual construction type then it is not proven to be barrier to fire.

For more information about the TENMAT Ceiling Fan Fire Stop, please contact TENMAT on passivefire@tenmat.comor +44 161 872 2181.


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