Businesses, schools and public sector organisations across the UK can reduce costs and spending by investing in energy-efficient LED lighting solutions; Simple Lighting’s range of LED lights and Energy Saving Program (ESP) can help organisations save as much as 60% on electricity costs.

With budget cuts stretching services to the limit and increasing overheads, the need for businesses and public sector organisations to save money has never been more pressing.

But there’s one way organisations can cut expenditure and even create surplus funds – by replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting installations. Simple Lighting offers one of the most comprehensive LED installation services in the UK and has already helped thousands of businesses and organisations to cut costs and become energy-efficient.

One recent LED-switching project involved Adamsrill School in south-east England. The school was looking to overhaul its outdated lighting infrastructure with a more modern and cost-effective system. A comprehensive analysis of the school’s premises found that it was spending around £7,000 per annum on electricity and maintenance costs. In comparison, LED lighting would cost around £2,000 – a massive saving of £5,000 annually. Also, due to the long lifespan of LED bulbs, total cash savings over an average LED lifetime (15 years) would generate total cash savings of £75,000 for the school.

Thanks to interest-free loan funding available from the government for such projects, the cost savings made by switching to LED allowed the school to cover the loan repayments Image removed.with surplus funds left over for investment in other areas.

Saving on energy and costs with LED lighting

LED lights last longer than traditional fluorescent lights, reducing the need to replace them as often. The typical lifespan of a fluorescent bulb averages at 7,000 hours whereas LED bulbs can provide around 30,000 hours of consistent lighting.

In some cases, using LED lighting can reduce the lighting percentage of an energy bill from 40% to as little as 6%, which means a typical annual saving of around £20,000 – savings that can be reinvested elsewhere.

LED lights can also help businesses and other organisations to reduce their carbon footprints – changing just one 65w fluorescent bulb to a 25w LED bulb can reduce carbon emissions by 75%.

Low-cost lighting solutions

Not only are Simple Lighting’s LED solutions energy-efficient, they are more affordable than ever thanks to the availability of interest-free loans for LED installations in the public sector. The government has announced an incentive package of £90 million to be spent on improving efficiency of public sector buildings including schools, hospitals and other organisations.

In some cases, the savings created by LED installations will completely cover loan repayments – and even provide surplus funds for businesses and public sector entities, enabling them to reinvest in facilities and services.

To find out more about how Simple Lighting and its Energy Saving Program can help you create energy savings with LED installations, call us on 0333 443 2465 or 0151 375 9210. Alternatively, email us at or visit our website and complete our contact form. 



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