Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has launched a new specification tool for M&E consulting engineers. The free online tool aims to make the process of generating specification for tenders quicker, simpler and much easier.

It provides an intuitive platform for users to create and store their specifications, and instantly access all the information they need on solutions and digital architectures. When a company embarks on an ambitious new project – such as the construction of an office building – they will issue a design scope, inviting consultants to propose and design the building’s electrical and mechanical infrastructure.

Submissions must be detailed, outlining everything from the building’s energy management system through to individual circuit breakers.

The process is difficult and time-consuming, and often fails to secure new business for the cA man using the online specification toolonsultant. In a highly competitive market where speed is critical, this is time consultant engineers cannot afford to waste. Schneider Electric’s specification tool enables consultants to create tender blueprints quickly and easily. Available through the company’s Specifier/Consultant mySchnieder Partner Portal, the platform allows users to create specifications from scratch or pre-existing templates.


The platform provides simple functionality, letting specifiers take product information from a vast library of industry solutions and quickly drop it into their tender templates. Product, standards and solution documentation is constantly updated, giving users one easy place for the most up-to-date information on all current design needs. For complex designs or less-experienced consultants, the tool also offers customisable templates pre-made for common customer architectures.

These include frameworks for complex buildings such as large and critical ones. Users can save ‘in-progress’ specifications and easily share them with colleagues in-platform. Once a specification is complete, it can be downloaded straight from the tool and in a plain text format that makes it easy for consultants to tweak for their own tender templates.

‘The new tool brings M&E Design into the digital age. Gathering together compatible tools and products for tender has been a constant bugbear for the industry. It can quickly turn into a time sink that distracts consultants from their work. Our platform seeks to streamline the process while also being educational. In design, speed is of the essence and the specification tool helps consultants get their ideas out the door quickly while giving them back precious time to grow their business.’ said Andrew Wakeley, Customer Channel Marketing Manager in the UK for Consultants/Specifiers at Schneider Electric.

Following intensive field trails, the specification tool will be publicly available from 29th April. For further details and to access the tool, visit


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