Major buying group in the electrical appliance and kitchen retail industry, Sirius, is proud to announce its newest Approved Supplier, RKW.


APPROVED SUPPLIER STATUS: Manufacturers and distributors who are nominated with “Approved Supplier” status, benefit from a greater sustainable market share. This is achieved by all parties working together with the members to achieve the clear targets and goals set at group level. Distributors also play a very important role being a core supply chain to Sirius members by offering exclusive products which are currently not supplied through its manufacturers to ultimately offer increased margins.


RKW is designed to provide you with the very best buying experience and boasts a 325,000 square foot warehouse and 8000 square ft. showroom spanning electrical, housewares, SDA and consumer electronics from over 25 brands a ll under one roof. Operating from its global distribution and drop-ship fulfilment centre in Staffordshire, Shaun McAllister, Group Sales Director of RKW had this to say “We are thrilled to finally be a supplier to the group and have the opportunity to not only provide unbeatable deals to Sirius members, but also offer solutions and pricing that is able to compete with the internet. When we have worked with Independents over the last 12 months, RKW has seen double digit growth and so this was a natural progression for our business.”

 Steve Jones, Commercial Director of Sirius Buying Group says “RKW as a new ‘Approved Supplier’ to Sirius for 2018 is a great RKW, Europe’s leading electrical distributor is New 2018 Approved Supplier to Sirius for SDAachievement for the group, creating new opportunities for our network of members. Giving access to fully trained representatives, extensive product lines, ordering and fulfilment capabilities along with shipping and merchandising, RKW is a highly prized addition to the group that will inevitably help our members compete.

Shaun of RKW continues “We have the widest selection of major brands and products in SDA with over £28m of stock available and some of the fastest growing brands in the sector including Swan and Tower.”


“We aim to help increase the rebates each member is capable of earning and improve the overall package presented to members from our ‘Approved Suppliers’. I believe our ability to help increase purchasing from our manufacturers and distributors by working closely with our suppliers is one of the reasons RKW decided to join us: and we can’t wait to show our worth” says Steve of Sirius.


Throughout 2018, Sirius Buying Group plan to increase its network with more quality retail members by working even closer with its suppliers. It aims to:

                                                           Protect its business

                                                           Maintain market saturation

                                                           Safeguard industry position


For further information about the group, its products & services or to become a Sirius member or ‘Approved Supplier’ then please contact:


Steve Jones, Commercial Director, Sirius Buying Group

Email, call 07590 822 056 or visit


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