Polypipe Ventilation, manufacturer of market leading energy-saving domestic ventilation systems, has been reborn as Domus Ventilation.

With a larger sales network, new branding, and a new management and customer services team. Before being purchased by the Polypipe Group in 1998, Domus was a company name synonymous  for the domestic and light commercial markets. 

The Domus name lived on as a brand for Polypipe’s ducting products, whilst other product lines were developed with their own distinct branding, including Silavent fans which is a known brand in the electrical sector.  With the first stage completed in a major re-evaluation and restructuring of the company, the decision has been made to re launch the company under the new name of Domus Ventilation. 


“Following extensive research, we have come to understand the genuine value of the Domus name”, states Sales Director, Stephen Smith.  “It is well known and directly associated with many positive attributes in the domestic ventilation sector.  And with advanced mechanical ventilation systems becoming increasingly popular and more electricians and contractors adding this strategy to their list of services, we aim to establish the Domus name as a quality product within the electrical sector, which suits the direction we are taking for new products and services moving forward.  These are exciting times for the newly emerged company, Domus Ventilation, and we have invested considerably in its future.”




The first stage in the creation of Domus Ventilation has included a move of all staff and manufacturing to modern premises in Caerphilly, South Wales.  The advanced manufacturing facilities include 10,891m2 of manufacturing area which houses state-of-the-art machinery, capable of lights-out operation for maximum efficiency.


The new, purpose built Domus Ventilation offices are home to sophisticated training facilities, a fully-staffed customer service team and a new expert management and sales team of 19 people.


The Domus Ventilation management team boasts a combined 47 years’ experience in the industry.  Their expertise will enable them to continue growing Domus Ventilation within the market space whilst paying special attention to customer support, from the provision of technical services to after sales care.


Stephen Smith heads the new sales team which consists of a Distribution Sales Director, a National Contractor Manager and three Key Account Managers.  With Stephen’s industry experience of over 20 years and his expertise in the ducting element of Domus Ventilation’s product portfolio, he aims to further the already award winning range to new heights.


Placing integral importance on the service element, Domus Ventilation is delighted to welcome Kelly Griffiths as its new Customer Service Manager.  Kelly will work closely with Stephen, plus the senior management personnel of the company’s manufacturing sites, to ensure a seamless approach to the entire sales journey of a customer.  Kelly has worked intensely over the past few months to set out and implement a new customer care charter and is eager to highlight Domus Ventilation’s commitment to all aspects of customer care; a key aim from this is for Domus Ventilation to be recognised as a trusted ventilation partner to the distribution and wholesaler channels.


With its reinvention of the company, Domus Ventilation is committed to staying ahead in the industry, which is why David Treharne has been appointed as the new Senior Engineer.  David has been effectively designing products in a variety of market sectors for 13 years and intends to further advance Domus Ventilation’s already successful product portfolio, as well as challenge the industry with new and innovative products.  He will work alongside the Product Manager and senior sales team to ensure product advancements reinforce Domus Ventilation as a trusted manufacturer of quality ventilation products and end to end systems.


With the re launch of the company under the new name of Domus Ventilation comes a re-brand, with a new logo and corporate identity which has been applied to a comprehensive new product catalogue and new user-friendly website with full product listings and technical information.  The responsibility for this, marketing strategy and product management, has been handed to Penny Jones, Product and Marketing Manager.  Penny will be dividing her time between the new product development pipeline and creating opportunities to show Domus Ventilation as a market leader in the domestic ventilation sector.


Commenting on the completion of the new Domus Ventilation management team, Stephen Smith said: “The new team we now have in place has the expertise, enthusiasm and vision to really drive this business forward.  We are all experts in our respective fields and are looking forward to coming together as a team to use our various skill sets to mark Domus Ventilation as a leader in the contractor, distribution and wholesale sectors”.


Domus Ventilation is now reviewing new product initiatives and its customer service offer.


Domus Ventilation will provide differentiated ventilation solutions in the private and social housing sectors, transforming the way developers, contractors, installers, home owners and distributors meet regulations and emerging environmental standards. 


For further information on Domus Ventilation please contact vent.info@domusventilation.co.uk or visit http://www.domusventilation.co.uk

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