Based in Manchester, UK, now with 16years in the lighting business and with more than 1500 resellers, across 30 countries, One Electrical Ltd has expanded their lighting laboratory facilities with the Viso LabSpion.

Rob Chadwick, director says; “It has been a large investment, but to us it is not a matter of “wanting something”, but rather “needing”. To be recognised as one of the top names in the industry – it is a must that you have solid quality control procedures in place. Being in the industry longer than most, we have a unique & thorough testing procedure already in place. But this now takes us to a new level.

We have always been able to supply our customers with fixture data, including IES and LDT files for lighting designers. But for the first time, the LabSpion gives us the possibility to actually create these in-house, and independently verify the info we may have been previously given.”

The LabSpion® is a complete light measurement solution covering all light sources from small lamps, LED chips to large panels and street lamps. The 2 axis goniometer enables the system to measure the full 3D distribution field of any lamp giving lighting professionals comprehensive LDT and IES simulation files

“We don’t believe there is any other LED lighting supplier out there, with such a thorough procedure, and as such have already received calls to “rent” our equipment/lab. We pride ourselves on acting quickly in this fast changing lighting market, and the Labspion has made our team more dynamic than ever. When we are designing & releasing patented products, or products more efficient, than currently on the market, it is essential our IP remains private until launch, and that we have the technology to verify the results. Many other cheaper pieces of equipment currently available, simply cannot give us the accuracy we need. Basically using a spectrometer sensor and a built-in power analyzer, the unique Viso technology enables fast measurements and ensures all data to be measured quickly, making other equipment such as integration spheres redundant.”

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