A new addition to the PSD range of cable coiler and winders is the COMPACT PSD1700ELC. This electric version is designed for areas where space is at a premium but still handle 25mm² SWA. The footprint of the machine is approximately 1200mm long by 1000mm wide, has a 0.75kw motor gearbox which allows it to pull off a 500kg donor drum. The maximum coiled weight has been increased to 125kg.

PSD1700ELC Compact Cable Coiler

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The PSD1700ELC comes complete with coiling head and facilities and drum coiling (800mm diameter). Linear bearing for cable layering. The PSD1700ELC has been designed with safety in mind having a protection cage to protect passing pedestrian traffic and an operator’s panel positioned to ensure them complete safety. It even has a fail-safe reset button, should the machine stop for any reason it will NOT start up when power is restored unless the reset button is depressed.

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