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Connectivity function for precise alignment:

New generation of professional Bosch line lasers

Three 360 ° lines with high visibility


  • High precision: contact-free control via app
  • Precise work without calibration errors: The Bosch Cal Guard is a world first
  • Better visibility: Red high-performance diodes or green laser lines



Bosch presents a new generation of line lasers with three tools for greater efficiency on construction sites: The entry-level GLL 3-80 Professional model, as well as the connected GLL 3-80 C Professional and GLL 3-80 CG Professional models. They are the first line lasers worldwide which can be controlled using an app and Bluetooth interface. Tradespeople can, for example, switch the laser line on and off individually using the Bosch Levelling Remote App without touching the tool and altering settings accidentally when handling the device. Additionally, operating via app makes set up and work in hard to reach places easier. The brightness of the laser lines can also be conveniently adjusted by the user for better visibility or to save battery power, for example. The Bosch Levelling Remote App is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store, and is part of the Bosch Toolbox App.



Bosch sensors monitor calibrationImage removed.

For the first time, the connected models also give a calibration warning, the Cal Guard Function a world’s first developed by Bosch, which informs the user of possible calibration influences. There are various external influences which can interfere with the calibration of the line laser and are not always apparent at first glance. For example, if the tool has been heavily shaken in a fall or stored at a temperature outside the permissible range of between -20 °C and +70 °C. The tool displays these events via a red LED light that warns the user of calibration errors, thus ensuring precise results.


The app provides users with detailed information about the warning, meaning that they always have an eye on the tool’s calibration and can carry out their work with precision. The Cal Guard Function also informs the user when the recommended 12-month calibration interval has expired. The Bosch sensors monitor the condition of the measuring tool constantly, even when it is switched off. If the measuring tool is not connected to a battery power supply, an internal energy storage device will support monitoring for 72 hours.




Line lasers with particularly high visibility

All three tools project three 360° laser lines: One horizontal and two vertical. The two vertical laser lines intersect and each also provides a plumb point – one on the floor and one on the ceiling. On the GLL 3-80 Professional and the GLL 3-80 C Professional, high-performance diodes ensure visibility of the red laser lines even in bright environments. The GLL 3-80 CG Professional operates with green laser lines that are up to four times more visible to the human eye than the red laser lines on similar tools.



Universal helper for different trades

The functions of the new line laser generation cover a wide range of applications, be it the dividing of spaces in dry construction, precision in tiling, or for carpenters in furniture assembly and the installation of dividing walls. Since the lines can be switched on and off individually, the laser tools combine the functions of a cross line laser and a point laser all in one. It can also carry out the interior applications of a rotary laser. This is an advantage for tradespeople, since they only require a single tool for all interior levelling jobs and avoid making multiple purchases. In addition, multiple tradespeople can work on different areas simultaneously.

The BM 1 Professional universal mount ensures flexible mounting options. Furthermore, the two Bluetooth models have a dual power supply: They can be powered by both a replaceable 12-volt rechargeable battery and by non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. They are also “TrackMyTools” enabled: Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth module, registered users can see where their line laser is at any time using the cloud-based inventory management system via the app.


The new generation of line lasers is now available and start from the recommended retail price for the GLL 3-80 Professional at £327.95, GLL 3-80 C Professional at £487.81 and the GLL 3-80 CG Professional at £656.60.


All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT. Subject to change.





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