Held in 12 locations across the country, the latest round of NAPIT Trade Association regional meetings has recently achieved record attendance, with over 300 attendees eager to benefit from the technical expertise and industry insight on offer. The November meetings saw manufacturer Schneider Electric deliver valuable presentations in association with the prominent certification body to update attendees with the latest on everything from consumer unit compliance and Amendment 3 to EICR defect codes and torque tightness. Commenting on the meetings’ success, Trade Association Chairman Frank Bertie said: “It was great to see so many new faces this year. Increasing engagement is vital if hardworking installers are to have their voices heard in an ever-changing industry – so the turnout this November was very encouraging. “We have the capacity to influence positive industry change, but only with the vital input and support of our members. By using our meetings not just as a forum for debate, but also as a means to share knowledge and expertise, we’re building a stronger community. And we’re laying the foundations for even more installers to take an active interest in the big decisions that affect their working lives.” In addition to their success in grabbing the attention of Trade Association attendees, NAPIT and Schneider were also keen to raise awareness of key electrical safety issues throughout the wider industry. The team powered up the nation with a six-date Wired for Success road show, showcasing similar subject matter in an additional series of expert-led presentations. Also offering a free box of high quality electrical consumables for each attendee, the events mirrored the success of November’s Trade association Meetings, drawing significant crowds. Commenting on the events, Schneider Electric Customer Programme Manager May Lee said: “We believe it’s critical to support the needs of electricians and to better understand the challenges they face on a daily basis. Sharing best practice guidance and forging even stronger ties with installers allows us to respond to their needs more effectively through the provision of insight driven designs.” To find out more about the NAPIT Trade Association, visit: www.napit.org.uk/trade-association/trade-association.aspx And to see the latest upcoming events from NAPIT, head to: www.napit.org.uk/news/events-calendar.aspx


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