Finally, an eco-smart energy diverter we can get excited about. eddi is one of Lee Sutton’s latest creations and it’s set to go global.

eddi is a product for customers with solar panels or a wind turbine that want to achieve up to 100% self-consumption. eddi will divert surplus power that would have been exported to the grid to a resistive load up to 3.7kW most commonly an immersion heater, storage heater, underfloor heating, swimming pool, jacuzzi, towel rail etc…

eddi can heat two loads sequentially maximising self-consumption.

An easy retro-fit product and reason to give your previous solar/wind installs a visit. Eddi is a must include product for all new builds big and small.


Safe and efficient with exceptional results. Now available with patent pending, battery-free, wireless sensor harvi to make the install even quicker.

This product really has been built with the installer in mind with a list of impressive features. The product can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, working with multiple resistive loads, heat pumps, alongside batteries or just a simple diverter putting the surplus power to an immersion heater.

Not only does eddi save the customer money off their utility bill and make them extra green. It also has an inbuilt feature to support the National Grid. When enough myenergi products are installed across the country myenergi will be able to turn on the DSR/frequency control feature. Slightly ramping up or reducing power in homes as ‘events’ happen in the grid.


“Here at myenergi we see a pattern emerging across Europe as the demand for electricity goes up unfortunately so do prices, however the price of self-generation systems such as solar panels are coming down and technology is improving at a rapid pace. One way to lower your bills is to generate your own electricity and use it within the house hold (Self-consumption) this is something myenergi are extremely passionate about, giving the power back to the people, lowering utility bills and reducing the pressure on our national grid which means less reasons to use coal, gas and nuclear power” says Jordan Brompton – Business development at myenergi 




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