For those planning to redecorate their outdoor space, you should never forget lighting. You may be redesigning outdoors, but lighting is still crucial - even with the addition of natural light. You cannot solely rely on natural light and with technological advances within the industry - including gobo lights - you can create a welcoming and enchanted space. Projected Image, leading gobo suppliers in the UK and Europe, are sharing their tips on lighting for outdoors and the features that will transform your garden, or even outdoor event.

First up, consider where you place your lighting. Are you looking to illuminate a certain outdoor area, perhaps a garden patio or seating? This decision is vital to outdoor lighting, as placing too many lights within one area can become overwhelming. However, too little, and you lose the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

You must also consider the combination of artificial and outdoor lighting. For example, gobo lighting and other forms of projectors provide better effects in shaded areas. You could display these lighting methods in the likes of a marquee, or at night, to ensure the finest decoration for your outdoor space.Lighting outdoor

Second, as you are lighting outside, the positions of electrical outlets must be a priority. Design your outdoor space around those outlets - you could even sketch out your ideas to identify any potential hazards in your plans. By doing so, you can work to cover the outlets with furniture, tables or even plants. In turn, this will take care of any risks that may occur from the outlets, such as wires. We recommend looking into the options of battery-powered lighting as an alternative, which are much more cost-effective and beneficial for smaller outdoor areas or events.

Gobo lights are a massive trend for 2018 - especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. They are huge in the wedding and event industry, and perfect for lighting outdoor space after dark. A gobo, a metal or glass disc containing an etched-in design, projects your desired image or text onto any surface - including the side of your property. You can even go so far as to choose a custom gobo, uploading any design. Gobo lights are budget-friendly, and gobo projectors work best in shaded areas, with a long distance in the dark - decreasing in natural light. If you do happen to have shelter in your garden, we recommend using the gobo light there.

Uplighting and festoon lighting are worth looking into for outdoor space, providing personality and even security to your garden. We predict you’ll be seeing more of these lighting trends throughout the year, so stay ahead of the game.


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