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LED Lights Online discusses the role LED’s play in the domestic lighting sector!

Today, LEDs are known for their eco-friendly, energy saving, long lasting and cost cutting qualities in comparison to the incandescent equivalent that many homes today still have. At the moment, the most significant barrier to LEDs taking over the household is the initial outlay for an LED bulb, which is slightly higher than your standard incandescent bulb. The good news is, due to falling prices, LED lighting is projected to exceed expectations and become a dominant technology for domestic and commercial lighting over the coming years.

Image removed.Lighting accounts for roughly 18% of a home’s electricity bill, which means that it makes up a significant amount of total energy use in the UK. Here at LED Lights Online, we feel that current statistics reflect that, it’s really important to explore alternative energy saving options, especially with the new technology in LEDs that are really proving to offer today’s home unrivalled energy saving possibilities.

LED Lights Online is the UK supplier of high quality LED lighting products based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on being the energy solution experts and are always looking at innovative ways in which to save you costs.

We strive to continuously improve the customer experience and with our vast array of quality products, we have something to meet all budgets, so you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for at www.ledlightsonline.com. In addition, there is always a member of our team on hand to expertly Image removed.guide you on your choice of product or what alternative lighting requirements you may have.

At LED Lights Online we’re experts in the lighting field and are passionate about what we do. That’s why we’re always happy to share our knowledge to better our customer’s homes. Here are some of the most common household lighting mistakes, and what you can do to resolve them.

No Variety

A mistake we see happen far too often is only using one lighting source in a room. Doing this can create a harsh, unpleasant and generally uncomfortable ambience in a room, so it’s definitely something that we recommend avoiding. Instead, why not go for a selection of different light sources dotted around the room, catered to the type of room they’re placed in? For example, in kitchens you’ll often see spotlights used around the room to offer enough light, as well as create a sleek and modern overall look. In bedrooms, a lot of decorative and low-level lighting is used, which makes for a cosy and relaxing environment. If you only rely on your ceiling lighting, maybe it’s time to switch it up?

Lack of ControlImage removed.

In certain situations, you may not be able to place other lighting sources without remodelling your home - e.g adding new outlets or sockets. A great way to rectify this is to install a dimmer switch for your overhead light. Doing this will grant you more control over the amount of light that the room has, and further increase the effectiveness of it. Whether you’re trying to read in bed or apply your makeup on a dark winter’s morning, a dimmer switch could be the solution you’ve been needing.

Ignoring Shadows

When planning your home lighting, it’s important to think about which areas of the room will create a shadow, and how you can stop this from happening. A dark corner or reading nook can make a room look smaller, as well as lower your overall happiness. Fix this by making sure to plan ahead, taking into account any foreseeable shadowing and give large rooms’ sufficient lighting.

Blocking Natural Light

Rather than planning the lighting of a room and how it will look at night, consider what it will look like in the day also. Don’t think of natural light as an enemy, but more as a friend, and work with it to produce the best lighting throughout the day.

Forgetting that Lights Consume Energy

Image removed.Adding extra lighting to your home is all well, but as mentioned earlier, lighting is a big contributor to a home’s energy usage, which is generally overlooked. With halogen, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs this is a problem, but not when you have LEDs. On average, they can last up to 20 times longer than regular bulbs and now come with standardised caps that need no remodelling. Plus, they consume less energy, which will not only save you money but help lower your carbon footprint too. Consider switching today, and ask us for help with any of your lighting needs and from our vast array of products benefit from; •Reduced energy bills by up to 90% •Low maintenance, will plug into existing fixtures •Up to 30,000 hour life span, 10 years average •5 Year guarantee with all LED lighting products (with extended warranty) •100% use of lumen output, No wastage •CE marked and ROHS compliant products •Choice of colours 2700k (Warm white), 4000k (Cool white) or 6500k (Daylight)

For more information on how we can help save you money or for any questions or queries on LED lighting products, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team on +44 (0)8000 447 774 or alternatively email sales@ledlightsonline.com.


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