we have been consistently developing ever-improving
ultra-efficient, highly controllable and beautifully styled electric
radiator systems. 

In parallel Intelli Heat have also developed a range of future proofedIntelli heat
wireless control systems which include the My-Sense APP, a user-friendly,
intuitive wi-fi control for your Smart Electric Heating. and the latest in
self-learning smart-radiator technology which is fully controllable through
a smartphone-based app, containing highly accurate energy monitoring
The i-Sense Fully compliant with “Lot 20” Ecodesign Directive, scoring a
stunning 41% rating*

Intelli Heat will be organising a National Lunch-and-Learn Roadshow to
showcase the recent release of the market-leading I-Sense Smart Heater and
Bespoke Designer Radiators ranges.
Info: www.intelligentheat.co.uk   |  www.livingstoneheating.co.uk

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