From washing to cooking, hot water is essential to modern living, thereby, making your boiler a crucial component in your home or business. However, for many people, this realization does not occur until the boiler fails or no longer heats water. To prevent being surprised by a flooded room or cold water when expecting hot, careful inspection of your UK electric boiler is needed. To determine if your electric boiler requires service or needs replacement, you must first know what to look for. Here are five signs that your electric boiler might need replacement or service. 

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Obviously, if there is water spewing or the water won't heat, there is a problem but before that happens, there are five signs of impending issues.

• Circuit Trips Continuously • Excess Rust or Corrosion At the Inlet and Outlet • Excessive Heat Of The Electrical Leads • Popping Or Spitting Noise • Slow Water Heat Return

Electric Boilers come in different shapes and sizes, however, these five situations will alert you to potentially larger problems in the future. If yours is a gas boiler, then three of the above-mentioned five will still apply. 

Electrical Concerns

If your electric boiler is constantly requiring a reset of your residential electrical circuit, this is an indication that the unit is pulling too much power from your internal electrical system. There are numerous problems that can cause such a power draw. A heating element could have failed or is in the process of failing. The internal thermostat has failed or can no longer function adequately. Even should the electrical circuit not require a rest but the wires leading to the boiler are hot or heating up during use, this could be a sign that the boiler requires repair. 

Rust Or Corrosion

If there is obvious rust or corrosion anywhere on the external portion of the boiler, the unit most likely requires replacement. However, excessive rust at the water inlet or outlet is a further indication or repair or replacement. While you are seeing rust and corrosion on the outside, it is quite possible that the same rust or corrosion is occurring internally. This can allow particulates to enter the boiler and create all manner of problems. Naturally, some rust on the pipes is a normal occurrence. However, if you can no longer see the pipe itself because of the rust, this would be considered excessive. 

Noise Maker

For the most part, electrical boilers are silent but have been known to have small amount of noise. It is when the noise reaches significant levels that there is an indication of a problem. If you hear a loud popping or spitting noise or any other loud noise coming from your boiler, it should be checked immediately. There could be a water hammer effect occurring which can severely damage your boiler leading to a catastrophic failure. If you can clearly hear a noise standing only a few feet from the boiler, it is time for the unit to receive service. 

Slow Heat Return

After using the hot water, if it takes a long time for the water to heat back up, this is a clear sign that the unit needs repair or replacement. This can be the result of a failed thermoregulator or element. In any case, it needs servicing.

When requiring service, or a replacement, Electric Boiler Company in the UK, can help guide you through the process of service or replacement. Dedicated to customer service and delivering quality equipment, they have the knowledge to diagnose, treat and replace any electrical boiler. Don't let the problem last longer than necessary. 



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