Cast iron radiators have been around a long time, but they have gained a new popularity over the past few years, because they have proven to still be the best radiator in several areas. They offer advantages over their counterparts that include greater heat generated, their ability to match any decor, the fact that they can be customised to achieve a more modern look, and that they blend in perfectly in period homes.

When considering space versus heat output, cast iron radiators take up much less wall space than steel or aluminium radiators for the same amount of heat generated. This makes them the ideal choice for homes or buildings that don't have a lot of extra space. Often times, modern heating units take up wall space that is needed for furniture or televisions. Installing a cast iron radiator helps alleviate this problem, and as an added bonus, their attractive design can make them the focal point of the room.

Since cast iron radiators can be customised, they will fit in any room's style or colour scheme. They can be made to size, painted any colour, and the amount of heat output can be pre-selected. They can also be made to look more modern. With steel and aluminium radiators, those options are not available. These radiators come in certain sizes only, and one has to pay an additional amount to have them painted.

Cast iron radiators are the perfect fit for period buildings, such as older homes, churches, or office spaces. They enhance the beauty of older buildings and offer enough heat output to keep them comfortably warm. In fact, they do a terrific job of heating up larger rooms with taller ceilings, such as those found in most period construction. While they do take a little longer to first heat up, once they are hot, they retain their heat longer than other types of radiators due to the density of the cast iron. They also come in different styles to match different periods such as Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, or Regency.

In recent years, environmental awareness has made the cast iron heater more popular than aluminium or steel heaters, because efficiency has become more important. Consumers take a great deal of pride in achieving this objective and with how attractive cast iron heaters look in any home or business, whether modern or a period structure. Steel and aluminium radiators, in comparison, only blend in well with a modern look.

It is also important to keep in mind that while steel and aluminium radiators heat up fast, they also lose their heat quickly, which causes the boiler and heating pump to work much harder. Cast iron radiators put less stress on the heating system. Due to their excellent ability to conduct heat, cast iron radiators also work well with natural heat sources such as ground or air source heat pumps. Due to the conductivity and density of cast iron, it holds the heat transferred from the ground much longer. As the water completes a circuit from the ground to the building, the cast iron radiator is still retaining heat from the previous circuit, so the heating pump does not have to work as hard. All of this saves the consumer a lot of money in the long run.

While cast iron radiators are considered a re-emerging product, AEL Heating Solutions has had them available for over 16 years. Each can be assembled to meet the consumer's exact need, and they will use their experience and quality level of service to assess the consumer's requirements to provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

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