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Digital marketing is a form of online marketing that focuses on the quantifiable and remarkable digital techniques and schemes, in order to convert the interested audiences into guaranteed consumers.

In today’s world, with the advancement of technology in leaps and bounds, digital marketing has become an integral component of every business. It is one of the ‘must have strategies’ in almost all businesses today.

Some of the digital marketing tools to help you grow your business include:

● Mindjet mind manager – it plans different types of promotions, articles or websites. It is basically a mind mapping software, which allows you to capture, organize, plan and visually prioritise your concepts, in an efficient manner and at a quick rate. The basic advantage of this tool is the drag and drop layout.

● Google analytics – this is one of the most essential tools in digital marketing. It is an online platform that is free of any cost, and offers its users well defined information regarding their presence online and their consumer activity performance. It basically gives you an idea about how well your business’ marketing is going, and will also indicates as to what is working in your favour and what is not.

Image removed.● Ad Words editors – Ad Words is Google’s online advertising platform that can drive people who are interested in your products/business, to your website. Ad Words editor helps you to make bulk changes across one or more Ad Words accounts. You can import/export campaign changes, view statistics, copy and move items etc. It has an advanced search feature that offers greater flexibility. You can carry out your work offline as well using Ad words editor.

● Rank Watch – Rank Watch is a tool which covers the complete marketing intelligence platform. It lets you manage campaigns and analyze data movements using a tablet/Smartphone. It checks SEO back links and prospects new clients to the sales team. You can also analyze SEO campaigns better by integrating Google analytics and webdesign agency masters. It also provides growth ideas through its keyword suggestions. It even triggers an email to your mentioned ID every time your website ranking fluctuates. 

● Affiliate marketing – affiliate marketing is basically performance based advertising. Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, helping facilitate relationship between both the parties by introducing a variety of promotional methods, offering strategic account management, and ensuring that all payments and commissions are accounted for. They also provide all the tracking solutions and analytics tools to measure performance and ROI (return on investment). According to reports, in 2010 affiliate marketing accounted for 8% of total online sales, worth 5 billion pounds. There are many great affiliate marketing companies to help your business such as “Affiliate Window” and “Click Bank”.

● Wearable: virtual reality – wearable technologies that create a virtual reality are new to the digital marketing sphere. Google glass and Apple watch are common examples. Some of the technologies to look forward to in the forthcoming future include:

   o CastAR – it comprises of two things, a pair of glasses and a surface for the glasses to scan.      There is a camera in the middle of the glasses that scans your surroundings. It then adjusts accordingly to project images through the two micro-projectors, installed on top of the frames. It has a unique feature called “magic wand” that helps you interact with the augmented world.

   o Meta – Meta focuses on what Google Glass does, overlaying virtual reality on top of your reality. Your gestures are identified by Meta to allow you to freely manipulate 3D objects. It also gives you unlimited screens by grabbing a piece of paper and playing video onto that paper, making it a flexible computer screen. Its specs include motion tracking, 3D HD display, 3D surround sound, camera with quality lenses.

   o Lester See Thru – See Thru claims to be the first genuine wireless virtual reality eyewear and instead of relying on a camera, it relies on its own series of location and a GPS, to get things done. See Thru has features like wireless and communication with a Smartphone, localization, navigation, head tracker, contact list access, etc.

  o Face book’s Oculus Rift – the Oculus Rift is a head-mounted display for immersive technology virtual reality. Software needs to be custom programmed in order to use the rift.

● Content distribution – in order to distribute the content of your business, you need to connect socially. Hoot suite is a social media partner which is world’s most popular social media platform, which helps to make your social activity manageable, measurable and productive. It arranges your social accounts into a single customizable dashboard, integrating with the networks and applications that you use on a daily basis. It helps you identify the opportunities that matter most to your business through powerful analytics. It also provided industry training and resources to make you expert in distributing your content over the social network. It also provided scalability and security.


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