Gripple Limited, the world-beating manufacturer of wire suspensions for building services installation, has taken cable management to yet another level in response to new wiring regulations where fire resistant suspended services are required.

The company has launched the specifically developed Trapeze Plus FR No. 3 to comply with amendment 3 of the 17th edition wire regulations relating to wiring systems in escape routes. This applies to cabling and containment systems which must be protected to ensure they are not prone to premature collapse in the event of fire. 

Image removed.Supplied with stainless steel wire, the all-steel Trapeze Plus FR No. 3 is fire-rated, with various levels of certified exposure times and load limit specifications available depending on the level of protection required. 

Each member of the four-strong Gripple Trapeze range, all supplied in ready-to-use kits, has a single channel, enabling pre-installation and multi-tiered arrangement,and an integral adjustment button allows easy tool-free setting. Ideal for suspending ductwork and baskets quickly and safely, the Trapeze range are perfect for work at height. 

Both the Trapeze Plus FR and the Trapeze Plus have a locking screw for tightening to provide ultimate security.

The all-steel Trapeze Plus is packed with features to make channel suspension even more secure and durable.   

The Duct Trapeze has a purpose-made single channel, ideal for fast suspension of rectangular ducting.

The Butterfly Trapeze is designed to improve the installation of plenum boxes and small ductwork. 

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