Webinar gave vital update on how the fire protection industry is performing

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) recently published its 5th Market Conditions Report; together with FIREX International they hosted a webinar to disseminate key findings from the report. During the webinar, Ian Moore, Chief Executive Officer of the FIA answered questions on how the industry is growing and where this is coming from, along with an update on the export market and how the industry is preparing for future complex requirements.  The webinar also covered other topical issues such as apprentices, skills gap, the tender process and regional growth. Gerry Dunphy, Event Director- IFSEC & FIREX International said: “We were delighted to host this webinar along with the FIA, it is crucial that we can keep the industry updated and this report from the FIA really offers some valuable insight. Hosting the webinar and making this available for download, along with the creation of the actual report ensures that as many people working within fire prevention will access to this information.” The Market Conditions Report from the FIA is carried out every six months and open to both members and non-members of the FIA. The report gives a regular ‘snapshot’ of how the market is performing. To download the webinar please visit: www.firex.co.uk/webinar_FIA/ For more information on the FIA’s 5th Market Conditions Report please visit www.fia.uk.com, for more information on FIREX International please visit www.firex.xo.uk


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