Safety is always at the forefront of any building design. Whether it’s a new build or renovation, regulations need to be complied with, buildings need to be secure, and occupants kept safe. This can sometimes seem complicated, but advances in technology mean safety is becoming more straightforward for installers and customers. 

Increasingly, building managers are looking for one-size-fits-all solutions — integrated systems to make security and safety more efficient. Two of the biggest safety concerns for buildings are fire and intruders. Though they might seem completely unrelated — one involves evacuating people from inside a building and another involves keeping people outside from coming in — there is technology available that can combine the two, ensuring safety in case of a fire, but also lockdown for security.

Closed fire doors are an essential part of keeping a building safe in the event of fire, but they can also be useful in a security situation. Twenty-four years ago, Fireco invented Dorgard, the first hold-open fire door device to close automatically on the sound of the alarm.

Dorgard Pro is the next generation, and has been designed with installers in mind. Dorgard Pro is a door retainer which works on batteries and responds to a radio signal from a transmitter. This transmitter can be wired directly into any fire alarm system and monitors all door units from a central hub.

Security and lockdown 

DorgardThe transmitter means Dorgard Pro has more applications than just fire safety as it can be integrated with a security or lockdown system. Security systems are often regarded as an inconvenience by end users, so anything that makes the process easier will be welcomed.

At the end of the working day, people are tired and want to go home, yet have to walk around the building to check all doors are shut before they set the alarm. Using Dorgard Pro, the transmitter can be wired to a relay output on the intruder panel which is programmed to switch on ‘alarm set’ which then sends a signal to close all the doors. This saves the end user time, and gives them peace of mind.

The use of lockdown using access control systems is gaining favour, particularly in large public buildings. In lockdown mode, certain access points, such as doors or gates, are put into a locked state with one press of an emergency button. As the transmitter controls all door units from one place, if Dorgard Pro is integrated with a security system, fast lockdown can be easily achieved with all doors closing at once.

Intelligent technology

Unlike other fire door retainers, Dorgard Pro does not require the sound of the fire alarm to activate. This means that Dorgard Pro will not be triggered by noisy environments, school bells or vacuum cleaners.

An installer-exclusive product, Dorgard Pro is a great solution to offer customers. By keeping fire doors open, access and ventilation throughout a building is greatly improved. As the doors close automatically when a fire alarm is activated, it simplifies security and helps end users easily comply with regulations.

Dorgard Pro 

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