For more than 85 years, ENGEL WORKWEAR has been selected by customers from all over Europe as the first choice for all-round protection and maximum comfort no matter what a work situation may demand.

Founded in 1927 by Carl J. Engel Senior and now 4th generation family-owned, the company has 850 employees based at its Headquarters in Norgesvej, Denmark and 2 factories in Lithuania.  Since it first began, with the importing of denim from the U.S. as a hard wearing fabric, the company’s aims have always been the same – to provide superior quality, value for money workwear designed for a perfect, flexible fit and to give long lasting, reliable service.

The original fabric was called Bull Denim which was made from 100% cotton. Over the years the materials and manufacturing processes have been continually developed to incorporate many new practical and beneficial design details with the versatility of the fabric improved by adding the yarn combination of polyester and cotton.


ENGEL WORKWEAR - Experts in Textile Solutions
The ENGEL 'X-treme' range of workwear - giving electricians greater flexibility


New colours have been introduced and many businesses are now recognized by the specific colour combination and design of their Engel corporate workwear where not only is it valued for its practical uses but also as a significant part of a company's professional statement.

Development is an ongoing process as new smart colour combinations and materials are continuously created and tested, with a constant emphasis on innovation, comfort, durability, and environmental awareness. 


ENGEL WORKWEAR - Experts in Textile Solutions
Workwear for women: The ENGEL 'Galaxy' range designed for women's all-day comfort


The company has an impressive seven collections (along with a large range of accessories), all of which are ‘tailor-made’ for a wide range of industries with each item of clothing designed to give maximum freedom of movement and reliability; particularly suitable for the Electrical Trade are the X-Treme slim-fit trousers which have knee reinforced pockets and patches of highly stretchable and ventilated material at the backs of the knee and seat areas to help keep cool and provide maximum flexibility whilst bending or kneeling.

Another top selling name is ‘Combat’; this durable and stylish, uni-coloured collection has contrasting and reflectiveENGEL WORKWEAR - Experts in Textile Solutions piping for greater visibility on jackets and trousers, many of which are made from 100% cotton. Almost all the trousers in the range feature such useful detail as ruler-pockets, hammer straps and a mobile phone pocket and the leg-length can be extended an extra 4-6cm if required.  Other labels to look out for, each with their own unique benefits, include ‘Cargo’, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Work Zone’, and the ‘Light’ range for warmer weather.

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