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With Changes to the 18th edition from January this year, plastic ties can not be the sole means of support for cables. Our duty of care should extend beyond our completion date and ensure the end user’s will be safe. By installing the heat/flame resistant clips we are doing our best to keep end users and first responders out of harm’s way. We have had far too many incidents in the last few years where fire escape users and first responders have died due to cable entrapment and BS7671 tries to reduce this risk.

Kersey Services believe we have the most labour efficient, fully recyclable 100% reusable clip on the market to date. The DFC1 is our new product for 2019. It’s a patented new design of fire rated support for inverted cable trays, which contains all cables safely and securely, and complies with BS7671.

Its sole purpose is to provide a plan B in the event of heat or flame affecting the plastic clips securing the cables, so first responders and fire escape users can do so un hindered.DFC1 product

Due to the flexibility and versatility of this product, you can apply the clip and remove the clip one handed, this also helps for those little mistakes and assists with additional cables, due to the clips strength to hold cables in place while to connect to the tray. The slowest part of the install is moving the ladder to give you access. 

Our onsite tests have proved no other clip on the market can be applied or removed as quick, making this, the most user- friendly clip to date.

Apply & comply. The clip can be applied on refurbishment as well as new builds, you only need to have reasonable access to the cable trays. 

We pride ourselves with using British made alloys and the clip is 100% recyclable and fully sustainable.

Our product will give you piece of mind be it a newbuild project or a retro fit install to comply with current regulations. We have discussed the DFC1 with various building inspectors and fire specialists, who are amazed by the simplicity of the design and the very practical approach.

The DFC1 will be on the market for autumn 2019.

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