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D-Line, the Newcastle based cable management innovators, have recently added three new solutions to their Safe-D range of fire rated cable supports… all to enable quick and easy compliance to BS7671 Wiring Regulation requirement that non-combustible cable management must be used throughout installations.

To satisfy demands for securing XLPE/SWA cables, new Adjustable Cable Clips are being launched. Options are offered for 10-15mm o/d cables; 16-21mm o/d cables; and 22-26mm o/d cables.  The innovative one-piece saddle design requires only one screw-fixing. Installers simply wrap the arm around the cable, with the locking tab then secured in a choice of slots according to the cable diameter.

Clip-Over Retro Clips are designed to fit around existing trunkings; that are otherwise relying only on plastic supports. Electrical Inspection Reports are typically requiring such remedial retro-fitting to secure cables that could potentially encroach into access/egress routes in event of fires.D-Line Safe-D Fire Rated Cable Supports

Last, but not least, new Stag Clips… These can first-fix rest in 5.5mm pilot holes, before cable(s) are inserted. Installers simply push home the Stag Clips by squeezing the smooth head sections, which overlap to give a tight fitment around cables. Ideal for FP and alarm cables, and T&E up to 2.5mm, with these user-friendly Stag Clips there is no need to handle sharp barbs.

D-Line products are available from all leading wholesalers, or please contact D-Line Trade for more info 0191 237 9156, or email trade@d-line-it.com
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