From Crompton Lamps comes the next generation of lighting with the newly launched LED Smart Wireless Lighting range. Take full control and personalise your lighting experience with smart lighting designed to complement your lifestyle. Create custom lighting schemes, change colour, schedule lights to switch-on or off and control lights from anywhere all with the swipe of a finger or by voice command.

Pair LED Smart Wireless Lights directly to a smartphone without the need for an external bridge via the popular Tuya Smart App then sync to a compatible home hub to easily control lights by the touch of a screen or by voice command. The LED Smart Wireless Lighting range is compatible with most home hubs including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Personalise your lighting experience by creating and storing custom lighting schemes and commands to be used when you need them. Create the perfect lighting for watching movies, reading books, working in the home office or spending time with family and friends.

Control LED Smart Wireless Lights remotely from anywhere via the Tuya Smart App or compatible home hub app. Whether at work, socialising with friends or away on holiday; users can switch-on/off, dim lights and much more with the swipe of a finger. This is also beneficial to home security by switching lights on/off at specific times when you’re not home.

Crompton Lamps LED Smart Wireless Lighting range allows users to control each lamp individually or as part of a group. This feature enables users to group all smart lamps in a particular room together and control the whole room with one command. 

Using the Tuya Smart App, LED Smart Wireless Lights can also be set to switch on or off at sunrise or sunset times, they can be linked to your smartphone GPS location to turn on when you arrive home or can even have set colour schemes dependent on the weather outside.

All lights in the LED Smart Wireless Lighting range are available in an RGB option. This enables a full spectrum of colours to be quickly changed with a simple finger swipe or by using voice command. The RGB versions also contain dedicated white LED chips which can be mixed with RGB to create millions of colours and shades from soft pastels to vibrant hues.  

Available with a choice of traditional warm white or cool white colour temperatures, plus a tuneable-white GU10 and LED Strip, the LED Smart Crompton Lamps LED Smart Wireless Lighting RangeWireless Lighting range has enough versatility to allow users to select the lighting scheme to suit their current mood or setting.

All lamps are dimmable via the smart app or voice control from a home hub. Simply swipe the app or ask your home hub to dim or brighten lights to the desired level, then sit back and relax as the smart lights instantly respond.

The LED Smart Wireless Lighting range is available from Crompton Lamps in GLS, Candle, GU10 or a 5-meter Flexi-Strip. Please see for further information.




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