's infographic – The Impact of Future Technology on Saving Energy – helps energy users gain a better understanding of new, innovative technologies and their effect on energy conservation. Over the course of 16 years, primary energy usage has increased by 44 percent on a global level. And it doesn't seem like it's stopping, mainly due to behaviors such as frequent transportation use and high home energy consumption. Through two sections – saving at home and saving on the road – maps out how new technologies can reduce energy at home or on the go. 

Electricity and heat generation, electronics and lighting are all factors that contribute to home energy use. The infographic highlights three specific home energy-saving products – Tesla's Home Battery, smart thermostats and light bulbs – along with their benefits. Although Tesla's Home Battery might have a pricey upfront cost, it can potentially help energy users conserve power in the long run, according to the infographic. The product generates energy from solar panels in the evening and provides emergency backup in the event of a power outage. In addition, a smart thermostat has the ability to adjust temperatures based on your schedule, create temperature preferences and provide a monthly energy conservation report. Also, it's simple to access on a smartphone if you're away from home for a longer period. A more affordable option for most, advanced light bulbs are a simple switch to make throughout your home. The infographic outlines differences and advantages among induction-powered light bulbs, CFLs, LEDs and halogen incandescent bulbs.

Excess waste, high energy costs and natural resource overuse are ongoing concerns within the transportation industry. Smart road technology is a solution with potential to reduce the almost 16,000 trillion BTUs consumed by the U.S. transportation industry in 2015 alone. The infographic presents new energy-saving technologies such as solar roadways, glow in the dark road markings, electric priority lanes and interactive light.

To get more familiar with upcoming technologies that keep energy reduction in mind, take time to read through's infographic. If you'd like to learn more about energy saving tips, energy innovations and industry news, visit today. 

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