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Did you know companies who currently hold OHSAS 18001:2007 certification need to migrate to ISO 45001:2018? You have until 11th March 2021 to make the switch, which has been brought in place to allow commonality and easier integration between management systems.


OHSAS 18001 is the globally recognised standard for occupational health and safety, it sets out the requirements for a management system to meet legal requirements and control any health and safety risks.

The new ISO 45001:2018 uses the new Annex SL structure, which is used within other ISO standards, making it easier to integrate management systems and complete multiple standards at the same time. 


This occupational health and safety management system ensures your company is eliminating or reducing risks in the workplace, taking advantage of OH&S opportunities, improving the performance and achievement of its objectives.


The main differences between the two certifications are the switch to Annex SL, which focuses much more on the context of the business, considering not only health and safety issues that impact on them, but also their surrounding Time to update your OHSAS 18001:2007 certificationcommunities. 


This change puts the onus of health and safety not just on the Health and Safety Manager, but of every employee as it’s integrated into the structure of the organisation. This change in high-level structure increases the emphasis on leadership and leading by example. 


To make the move to ISO 45001:2018, you’ll need to have a Migration Gap Analysis to identify any areas not covered by your current management system. This is used to make the transition easier and bring your company up to the standards required for certification.


Migrating to ISO 45001:2018 emphasises the professionalism of your business and how health and safety is a priority, which you will already know, helps when tendering for business. Make the change today and reap the benefits of an integrative management system. 





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