The warranty on Micropack’s new multi-spectrum infrared flame detector FDS303 has been extended to five years, following independent testing that reveals its components have an expected lifetime of 50 years.

Launched earlier this year, the FDS303 was developed for use in hazardous environments where fast – and dependable – fire detection is critical.

Sales director Eliot Sizeland explained: “The FDS303’s life expectancy, coupled with a remarkably low calculated probability of failure, reassures customers of the product’s quality and performance.

“The reason we have changed from our normal three-year warranty is the impressive failure rate data determined under third party testing. For IEC 61508 failure rate data, testing confirms that the useful lifetime of components contributing to dangerous undetected failure is approximately 50 years*.”

The detector quickly identifies all hydrocarbon fires over a long range, including those not detectable in the visible spectrum. It is explosion-proof and responds to hydrocarbon liquid fuel and gas fires – up to a range of 60 metres – in Micropack extends FDS303 infrared flame detector warranty to five yearsless than five seconds.

It utilises a ‘no-mirror’ continuous optical check which verifies operation, improves device up-time and needs less cleaning. That – and utilisation of the latest IR flame detection algorithms – ensures a minimum of false alarms and faults.

With microprocessor-controlled heated optics, operating temperature is -60°C to +85°C (-76°F to +185°F), so operation is maintained in harsh weather conditions producing snow, ice, heat or condensation.

The FDS303 also has independent 3rd party certification of SIL 2 capability and comes with global hazardous area approvals FM, ATEX and IECEx and has certified performance testing to multiple fuels: FM 3260 and EN 54-10.
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