Schneider Electric, the World’s Most Sustainable Corporation in 2021 as ranked by Corporate Knights and the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the Canalis Track Line Series, a power distribution system for server tracks. 

The Canalis Track series reimagined the future of servers with front of the line smart digital innovation to deliver flexible, scalable, and sustainable solutions, while building on proven dependability, seamless connectivity and overall electrical durability. It helps improve the continuity of service and reduces waste generated during traditional retrofits.

  • Calis TrackThis innovative power distribution system delivers 10% energy savings and ROI for businesses by optimizing site energy efficiency and power reliability
  • Modular and compact design allows  for  easy  installation  and  scalability  while reducing long-term impact on environment
  • Customized colour solutions bring on-site efficiency through effortless power supply identification

With over 40 years' experience of high-performance connection systems, the Canalis Track was designed to serve the needs of data centers looking to maximize their capacity within safe operating limits without being held back by technical,  environmental  and economic constraints.  The power distribution system reduces installation and upgrading complexity, while delivering savings and returns of investments through the following features:

  • Adaptable configuration: The modular and compact  design  of  tap-off  units  provides  high connection density and a mix of various configuration, reducing installation and upgrading time. 
  • Compact footprint: With the ability to be fitted edgewise or flatwise, the compact design with 60% size reduction enables no loss of space along the run and allows for efficient installation space.
  • Proven connectivity and maintenance: Fully compatible with the Canalis KS series, innovative technology of silvered copper contact ensures all connections are  hassle  and  maintenance-free,  while easy  customized  colour solution allows  for easy identification  of different  power supplies on-site.
  • Full-scale protection: Smart interlocking features guarantee a safe  customer  journey  by ensuring power cut-off before the box can be removed.
  • Highly reliable and ready for harsh environment: Improved auxiliary contacts (17V,1mA,10-8) enable better reliability in harsh environment and conform to high density PLC input applications.
Canalis Track


Rohan Kelkar,  EVP  Power Products Division at  Schneider  Electric said:  “it  is  expected  that  65%  of global GDP  will be digitalized by  2022, making  data centres the foundation  of the modern economy  and part  of  the  critical  infrastructure  we’ve  come  to  rely  on  our  professional  and  personal  lives.  We are committed to empowering data centres operations with flexible, scalable and safe solutions that ensures reliability of mission-critical applications,  while  helping  reduce  their  environmental  footprint  at  pace  and having the right flexibility to scale operations safely and securely.”


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