Many people don’t think about this but it actually costs more to light a home than to heat a home says Roof Maker. This is because it is rare to have the heating on through the summer months, but lights are used on a daily basis and more so through the winter months when the dark nights are drawing in, so the overall cost is higher.

Building an extension therefore doesn’t necessary cost more in terms of heating, but think about the lighting. One way of reducing the bills is to ensure homes are filled with as much natural light as possible. This can be achieved by using a neutral colour palette on walls and ensuring the rooms are flooded with natural light by including rooflights and bi-fold or sliding doors.

Many people think that with more windows and doors, they will spend more on heating and their home will become a greenhouse, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. However, investing in quality products will make a world of difference.

British rooflight company, Roof Maker ( isRoof Maker a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of rooflights. The company has been delivering its innovative, contemporary products since 2001 and offers a wide suite of patented rooflights, as well as a vast choice of bi-fold and sliding doors, in bespoke sizes and styles.

It is worth investing in triple glazed windows and doors, especially if rooms are south facing and Roof Maker offers triple glazing as standard. Triple glazing also has a lower g-value of between 35%-63% which means windows and doors are more effective at regulating the temperature. Research has shown that by replacing single or old double glazed windows with triple glazing, energy bills could be cut by 50% as long as the rest of the home is properly insulated.

However, what makes Roof Maker rooflights even more stylish, is the fact the windows are pretty much frameless from the inside, which means the rooflights let in up to 50% more light than its closest competitors. This means rooms can be flooded with natural light and fill every corner so there is less need for lights, until it actually gets dark.

Roof Maker’s range of premium bi-fold door systems offer exceptional insulation, more so than an uninsulated cavity wall. Its Thermfold™ is the highest quality bi-fold door system on the market. Each door unit comprises three panes of glass, separated by two 44mm argon-filled cavities. The units also include a 50mm composite thermal break, for even better insulation.

Roof Maker’s doors are reassuringly solid and have been security tested to PAS24 standards of forced entry. The doors have been designed to last with a robust frame and a sturdy mechanism made with high-quality hinges, handles and rollers. The doors are precision engineered to fasten securely and to insulate against weather, draughts and outside noise. What’s more the doors come with 20-year unit seal warranty, easy clean glass as standard, and a superb aftercare service if required. Roof Maker can also make bespoke sizes and offers 0% finance.

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