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Electrical News

EV Private Equity

EV Private Equity invests in e-learning company Trainor to enable international growth

The leading provider of electrical safety training, digital solutions and consultancy services to the global energy, renewables, power and grid,…

alcohol-based hand sanitiser

Employer warning: The fire safety risk of alcohol-based hand sanitiser

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers, used in the fight against COVID-19, are potentially flammable and pose safety risks if used in the wrong working…

sarah nash on Lasting power of attorney

Businesses at risk without a lasting power of attorney

The benefits of a lasting power of attorney (LPA) have been well documented, allowing an individual to nominate someone to take decisions on their…

online learning Toolkit

Reducing the hassle for trades with online learning

There is no question the coronavirus pandemic has been tough for the trade, with many suffering delays and cancellations to jobs. As the focus…



Keeping your tools in a garage could protect your livelihood

Tool thefts from vans are on the rise, with a 30% increase in claims made year-on-year since 2014 its time to start protecting your tools. Taking partial blame for this spike in tool-related theft…

Tina Chnadler orginser of christmas parties

HR issues you should consider when planning the office party

With many companies planning their Christmas parties as early as January, festive planning is now a year-round task. The opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy casual drinks with the rest of…

 A man drinking coffee and on his phone whilst driving for work

How to stay safe on the road this winter... or pay the consequences

I heard a joke the other day about a van full of penguins and it got me thinking about whether it was legal to transport wildlife in the back of a van, and then I was sucked into the internet …

Unhappy tradespeople

A day in the life of tradespeople

A day in the life of tradespeople: Three handymen share some of their most memorable experiences on the job – from a cat running through gloss – to being greeted by a top model!

Whether it…


Final 5MW of battery storage from Kiwi Power

Final 5MW goes live at UK’s largest council-owned battery storage site

 Kiwi Power, a leading global energy technology company that is simplifying distributed energy, has…


Hultafors Tools screwdrivers

Hultafors Tools - NEW Range of SCREWDRIVERS

Precision, quality and ergonomics are the hallmarks of these superb new products.
Hultafors Tools has launched a new range of…


jobs portal for the Construction Sector

EDA welcomes new jobs portal for the Construction Sector

On Friday 24 July, the EDA’s CEO, Margaret Fitzsimons, along with 140 stakeholders from across the UK’s construction sector, attended the launch…


Universal Sensor with Integrated Emergency Light

Simmtronic and Mackwell announce partnership with the Universal Sensor with Integrated Emergency Light

Simmtronic, an independent specialist manufacturer of high-performance lighting control systems and Mackwell, a world-leader of innovative…



Dickies Temp-iQ

WIN one of five new Dickies Temp-iQ t-shirts

Dickies Workwear has teamed up with Electrical Trade Magazine to give away five of its new Temp-iQ t-shirts – designed to keep you cool when the temperature rises.

WIN A Duo Prize With Velocity Pro Gear!

WIN A Duo Prize With Velocity Pro Gear!

The Electrical Trade Magazine and Velocity Pro Gear are giving you the chance to win the new Velocity Rogue 4.0 Tech Case & Veloci…

The new Dash cam from next base

Win the Nextbase new generation of dash cam technology

When it comes to electrician work it's crucial to think about what will happen if you didn't have your van for your work, what would you do? Now more than ever electricians should be protecting the…

Fibreglass Platform Stepladder with WernerCo

Reach new heights! Win a Fibreglass Platform Stepladder with WernerCo

To help you with the job at hand you need to be equipped with the right tools. That is why the market leaders in access equipment, WernerCo, is giving one lucky reader the chance to win in our priz…


EIC supporting relationships

Making a relationship better with EIC

Our sector has one of the highest divorce rates of all industries with 69.8% of relationships ending in divorce. This is largely due to long hours… more

protect your workforce from coronavirus

Take steps to protect your workforce from coronavirus

To encourage sick employees to self-isolate, the Government recently confirmed that statutory sick pay will apply from the first day off work, not… more

DIY disasters

UK householders rack up annual bill on almost 7 billion for DIY disasters

With many UK householders tackling jobs around the home, Aviva is urging people to proceed with caution. New research from the insurer reveals… more

asbestos awareness training Neil Munro

Do electricians have a legal duty to provide asbestos awareness training?

Asbestos awareness training should be given to all employees whose work could disturb the fabric of a building and expose them to asbestos. This… more