Touch-Button Security to Make You Feel Like a Rock Star

Touch-Button Security to Make You Feel Like a Rock Star

Emily Thompson, Marketing Manager of GateQuote, offers some guidance on keeping your business secure, takes a closer look at access control, and how different methods might work best for your business.

Whether it’s vandalism, shoplifting, burglary or data theft, crime costs businesses billions each year. 

But with the right security equipment, you can significantly reduce the chance that your business might become the target of criminals.

Securing your business is an ongoing process that begins with identifying your vulnerabilities. Start by conducting a thorough assessment of your premises and seek external advice from specialists such as insurance brokers. 

Integral LED

Integral LED has answered a trend for stylish outside living with the launch of a floodlight on aesthetic lines. Existing lights over patios and decking have an industrial appearance; the new Compact Tough aims to meet a desire for a designer solution. The luminaire is discreet at half the size of its competition with a unique convex tempered glass diffuser/cover and spreads a functional pool of light over an external area. A streamlined profile is made from coated aluminium complete with marine-grade fixings and is rated IP65. The internal ceramic PCB provides high-performance thermal management which allows for the unit’s compact size.

Future-proofed power management


When UK leading supplier of motor control centres (MCCs) Boulting Technology identified a trend in industry power management needs, it teamed up with ABB to design and manufacture its first 100kA low voltage (LV) switchboard. The Boulting Power Centre (BPC) is fully BS EN 61439-compliant and the company designed it to match exactly the needs of industrial and commercial buildings' power applications, which require high fault tolerance levels. To make the product flexible, future-proof, and reduce its footprint, Boulting Technology used the world’s first smart grid compatible low voltage circuit breaker, ABB’s SACE Emax 2.

Think smarter energy

~ Industrial automation components supplier releases smart technology guide ~

To help industry better understand the deluge of intelligent devices and systems setting the energy sector alight, industrial automation components supplier EU Automation has produced a concise one page guide about smart technology. The guide is available for download from the industry guides section of EU Automation’s website

Smart technologies are currently taking over both the consumer and industrial automation markets. In the energy sector, this has given birth to smart meters and significant developments towards smart cities running on even smarter grids. 

Future-proofing Britain’s energy infrastructure


Few companies can afford to have their operations halted by unexpected downtime, but for the energy grid potential power failures could plunge parts of, or entire, countries into darkness. The cost of ensuring that Britain can switch its lights back on, following a failure, has grown by £12 million in the past year alone. Naturally, developed economies are not at high risk of power blackouts, apart from in the most extreme of circumstances. However, as the current infrastructure continues to age, industry leaders should begin to review the operational lifespan of this capital equipment to avoid blackouts in the future. 

Campbell & Kennedy appoints new Solar Project Manager


Campbell & Kennedy (C&K), one of the UK’s leading solar PV installers, has promoted Anton McCabe to Solar Project Manager. Anton initially joined the company as a solar engineer andhas proved his technical expertise and industry knowledge, completing a number of courses including Fronius Service Partner Training and SMSTS course. With over 15 years’ experience in the electrical industry, Anton has overseen the installation of several large-scale solar PV installation projects throughout the UK for clients in both the private and public sector.

Water cooling multiplies brake resistor power density


There would seem to be a world of difference between the current generation of advanced electric sports cars and the heavy industries where Leicester based electrical firm Cressall Resistors traditionally operates. However, the common denominator is a lightweight 25kW water-cooled resistor, as Martin Nicholls of Cressall explains. 

Cressall Resistors’ involvement in the electric vehicle market allowed it to developthe first of a series of Electric Vehicle (EV) resistors, culminating in a product the company christened the EV2. 

Advanced ceramic

Is it crunch time for “traditional” communications?


It’s not exactly breaking news…we’re in an age of ever-changing communications. Mobiles and smart phones have and will continue to dominate the communications industry, with apps and software that make convenience the first factor for all electronic communications. So In such a rapidly advancing industry, will traditional radio communications lose their place? Not a chance says Toby Metcalf from Zycomm, the UK’s two way radio and communications experts, here’s why….

Tough, durable and ready for any job!

Advice and Tips on Attracting Future Engineers


Doug Anderson, Sales and Marketing Manager of Guttridge, discusses the importance of attracting future engineers and offers a few top tips along the way.

As a company, it’s important to not only chase the next customer, but also chase the next employee. The engineering sector should constantly attract new talent and actively encouragemore females into what has traditionally been a male-dominated environment. It’s vital that future engineers should be motivated and passionate at the earliest stage in their professional development. 

Why work in engineering?

The Lighting Industry Association signs partnership with University of South Wales


The University of South Wales (USW) and the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) have agreed a formal partnership, cementing a relationship which will see the development of a range of specialist lighting courses.

Steve Davies, LIA CEO, said: “We are delighted to have signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of South Wales. Our partnership is part of a drive by the LIA Academy to improve and co-ordinate training and development opportunities for lighting professionals throughout the UK.”

Plugging the gap - Electrical Safety First’s unique safety tool awarded design copyright


A simple but effective tool, originally designed by Electrical Safety First to help trading standards identify potentially dangerous or counterfeit electrical items, has just been granted a design copyright.

As part of the Charity’s work in supporting enforcement agencies, Electrical Safety First created a UK plug checker, as defective or foreign plugs can often indicate that a product is fake or sub-standard. The tool has proven so successful with Trading Standards Officers that it has now been distributed to every TS office and Fire and Rescue Service Centre in the UK.

Quality sunshine - CP Automation offers innovative solar EMC filters


Maintenance and repair specialist CP Automation now distributes and fits Roxburgh EMC's innovative high voltage, high performance three-phase EMC filter range. The KMF3420V is specifically designed for use with high kW inverters used in photovoltaic solar power applications. 

Roxburgh's distributor of the year for 2015, CP Automation, can help customers integrate the filters along with compatible inverters into their solar power systems. 

Roxburgh's electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filters are fitted on inverters to minimise harmful electromagnetic noise that can damage electrical equipment or cause spurious malfunctions